Sunday, November 1, 2009

Botanica Chunky Book

Just a little page I made as part of an online chunky book swap. I used my new PanPastels.
Fun, easy technique. The PanPastels come in so many wonderful colors. I had to stop myself from going crazy on buying them all. I was a good girl, only have 12!

Marie Antoinette

These images are a little disjointed as my scanner isn't big enough to take the entired 2-page spread at once. You can see a bit of how Marie flows onto the second page so put on your imagination cap or squint and maybe you can visualize this as "one" spread. This is for a round-robin I recently joined. My theme is "white". This Marie book belongs to my friend, Fran. I don't usually work with light colors or glitter, but I think it came out OK. Everyone is shocked that I used stickles. We swapped out books this morning and the next one I get to work on is "Good Wine, Good Friends." You must use purple and green on each page, write a toast about friendship, include a pocket with a surprise inside, include the name and vintage of your favorite wine to drink with friends and tell why the wine is special to you and lastly, you must include a stamping technique. Whew! This is going to be a challenge, but thankfully someone else has already worked in the book so I can see how they incorporated all these elements. The work so far is gorgeous, hope I can measure up!

Encaustic Exploration

I took a wonderful class today! We played with collage, transfers, and beeswax all day long. The class sample was a little intimidating, but I've taken classes with this instructor before (Karen Brooks) and was amazed at the results, so I figured " why not?" I'm sooooooo glad I did! We had a blast and I was truly awed by the results. The scans don't do justice to the wax part of this technique, but the "real-life" finish is stunning. Just had to share.