Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KatiLady's Challenge

My friend, Kati, has a great post showing how her ATCs have progressed. I promised I'd post my first ATC. It is soooooooo funny - thought I'd post a little progression of my own. 2009 saw a distinct move away from ATCs into 4 x 4 chunky book pages. I'm amazed at how my art has changed - it doesn't seem as "flat" to me as it once way. I like it better - it's fun learning new ways to keep art evolving!!


katilady said...

marla those anne sexton pages you did were/are soooooo killer! i love seeing you add layers to your work as time progressed!

Marline said...

Yes! When I started out everything was so flat. I love adding different media, layer upon layer....I just don't always take the time or remember to do so. Usually a time constraint issue. I'm moving. Hopefully I'll have things set up better at the new place. You must come visit Sarah and I!