Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 16 and June 21 -New ATCs

I haven't been doing as many online ATC swaps lately ~ too busy attending classes, working, traveling, etc. Maybe I'll take on more after vacation in July. Here are a few that I've done the last week or so. I really like how the "His & Her" cards came out. Mine are definitely all "Hers" - the theme dictated we could do either or both. I don't think I've used any of these rubber stamps before so it was nice to use something collecting dust in my bins.

I think with the Green Swap card I may have gone overboard. She is maybe a wee bit....too much? I don't usually do all this glitter & sequin type stuff - felt right at the time, but I may have been wayyyyyyy out of my element. What do you think????

G is for...green...girl...
G is for...green...girl... (For a "Green" ATC swap)

Following set was for a "His & Hers" ATC swap:




Linda Manning Findley said...

Hey some of us LOVE green and think it can never be over done ..... lol .... beside that you alway do a great job ... and bling is so in .... Linda F

Linda said...

"You have been tagged". Visit my blog to see:


Linda (AKA Littlebit on ATCsforall)